D'Andrews Celebrates a Milestone

Today, our owner and Executive Chef, David Andrews turns another year older.  What we are even more excited about is the one year anniversary of D'Andrews Bakery & Cafe on July 20th.  Stop by next week for a sweet treat and help us celebrate these two milestones.

Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cake with our Handcrafted Nutella

Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cake with our Handcrafted Nutella

One of our favorite "sweet" stories comes from David himself:

One year ago, I was celebrating my birthday and imagining, as D'Andrews was just about to open, who my first customer would be. Would they be a local, someone I knew from my childhood growing up in Music City, or would they be a visitor from out of town? What would they order? Would they pay with a $2 bill that I could frame and hang on my wall?  When July 20th finally arrived, we were anxiously anticipating the visit of our very first customer.  Sure enough, as our doors opened, Nashville showed up to welcome us to the neighborhood with open arms.  That first customer I had been so excited about stepped up to the counter and made his order - two of our fantastic D'onuts - a sugared brioche donut filled with vanilla cream.  We offered coffee or tea and he simply wanted the donuts. When I rang up the order, the total came to $7.11, my birthday.  I felt like, right then, the universe was trying to tell me that everything was going work out for D'Andrews Bakery.

We are so humbled by the way Nashville has embraced D'Andrews Bakery & Cafe over the past year and are looking forward to getting to know more guests who we welcome as friends in the coming years.

What is a birthday without a cake? Do you or someone you love have a birthday coming up? Let us create a memorable custom cake to celebrate their special day. Here at D’Andrews, we take pride in our attention to detail while also showing off our creative side. Our customers have asked us for some beautiful cakes that really fit the personality of person they are made to honor. We offer a variety flavors and designs so our customers can celebrate their birthday in style. We can create anything from small cakes that feed 6-8 people, to cakes for a crowd that feed up to 45.

Thank you again to all our customers for your support over the last year. We appreciate each and every one of you!